The Well-Tempered Tune, LLC

Friendly service to optimize the sound of your piano
The Well-Tempered Tune, LLC

The Well-Tempered Tune is devoted to promoting the fine craft of piano tuning in Madison, Alabama and surrounding areas. An acoustic piano becomes something truly special when it is well tuned. Just as with every other musical instrument, poor tuning is unacceptable. Unfortunately many pianists have resigned themselves to living with a beautifully designed instrument that is rarely well tuned. I would like to work with you to establish the optimal tuning for your piano and then introduce you to the temperaments best suited to the music you enjoy playing.
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I work with all pianos, from spinets to grands, for individuals, teachers, churches, schools, and concert venues.

HARPSICHORDS: I would also love to hear from you if you have a harpsichord, clavichord, or virginal that needs tuning or refurbishing. I am especially interested in locating Zuckermann instruments.

Please contact me by email using the Contact page in the menu above. I look forward to hearing from you.

HOW COVID-19 IS AFFECTING MY ACTIVITIES: The safety recommendations published by the Piano Technicians Guild and OSHA to help protect technicians and their clients against transmission of the coronavirus-2 make it difficult for me to provide piano services at this time. Normal operations are not expected to resume until there is a vaccine or an effective treatment for the disease.

John W. Shriver, Ph.D.
Associate Member, Piano Technicians Guild