The Well-Tempered Tune

Devoted to perfecting the sound of pianos and harpsichords
Yosemite 5-1The Well-Tempered Tune
I have had a love for the piano since I was a small child, i.e. before my feet could reach the pedals. Sometime in high school I decided (or realized) that I would be better at making a living in science than in music. I majored in biology as an undergraduate at West Virginia University, and then entered graduate school at Case Western Reserve University where I obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry. During this time I also took lessons in piano at the Cleveland Institute of Music and benefited greatly from the proximity of the Cleveland Orchestra and George Szell, Pierre Boulez and James Levine. I developed an appreciation and respect for quality sound, intonation, and performance. After working as a University faculty member in chemistry and biochemistry for 35 years, and advancing through the ranks of Assistant, Associate and Full Professor, I discovered that my understanding of the math and physics of waves served me well in my desire to understand and control the unique characteristics of the sound of a piano. I am an Associate of the Piano Technician’s Guild, and continue to enhance my technical abilities through the many resources made available by that group.
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